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What We Do

Don’t let your metal be ruined by moisture, heat, or other unsavory circumstances.

Gateway Powdercoating protects your metal.

Powder Coating

Pick From Thousands Of Colors, Large 8X10X20 Foot Curing Oven, Industrial Production Runs, Large/Heavy Sized Parts Welcome

We can powder coat just about any metal:

Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, magnesium, cast iron, copper, brass, and more

Sand Blasting

Paint, powder coating and rust removal on metal




Mobile Dustless Blasting

We can get the job done anywhere: including on-site.

High Temperature Ceramic Coating

Exhaust and high temperature coatings good to 2000 degrees.



Cerakote Gun Coating

Durable firearm coating in a variety of colors, firearm disassembly and reassembly if desired.

About Us

Gateway Powder Coating is the number one custom powder coating resource in the Saint Louis area. We can handle just about any size of parts in our 8X10X20 foot curing oven. Powder coating is more affordable, durable, and last longer than paint. Let your imagination run wild; if it’s metal, we’ll coat it. Gateway Powdercoating is here to bring your metal back to life. From industrial to custom.

No Appointment needed: give us a call or stop in today.

Take care of your metal. Powder coating will add a minimum of 10 years of life to your metal. Is it rusted? Not a problem at Gateway Powder Coating. With our sophisticated sand blasters and powder coat primer, we can restore any metal.


Here are a few of the companies we do business with.

Quicktime Motorsports


Consectetur2122 Parkway Dr, St Peters, MO 63376 (636) 441-2453

Top Stitch Interiors


636-922-1222, stitch@topstitchinteriors.com

Elite Customs and Collision


636-922-4567, info@elitecustomsstl.com